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I have been playing around with jing for screencasting, slideshare, and made a youtube video welcome for the course. check it out! http://screencast.com/t/3P0pV2El

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i am huetagogynous

i learned a new word last monday and since then i have been smitten and giddy with self-awareness and relvelation. I am huetagogynous!… I learned the word, huetagogy, from my friend Bill. I had always thought that in spite of my boring high school experience, my Bard education had taught me to think and to […]

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assumptions i have about online faculty motivation

i have “trained” more than 3,000 online faculty since 1995. Twice a year, almost from the first year, i have had an average of about 300 faculty in my online conference for new online instructors. that is about 10% of the total number of faculty in SUNY, that is also the national average of number of faculty […]

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breaking the ice

thinking about icebreaking activities for the course. want to use voicethreads for introductions for the audio and video features… community building. have to have them create their blogs in edublogs for the reflecting pool activity… have to have them get into their moodle course shells, have to get them into diigo. – still trying to […]

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