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the POWER of the social web

1. Where do YOU LEAVE your digital FOOT PRINTS ?
2. Lots of variety of things to do, explore, and experience.
3. Social – friendships,
4. Finding and exploring affinity with others. Connecting & sharing interests.
5. Skillz* Developing technical skills necessary to participate in the 21st century.
6. World is at your fingertips. Knowledge and Answers are available anywhere/everywhere/anytime.

7. Learning from experts. Access to experts.

8. Access & opportunity to connect with your “rockstars”
9. Not just consumers -& not just about consuming content.
10. Creating content. Participating and making contributions to the social landscape.
11. Dream and express yourself. Reflect, reveal, experiment & try things on -self-expression defines you – via your blog, videos, comments, avatars, names & profiles.
12. Share what you find and what you create. Share what you know. You become a teacher.
13. Teamwork – collaboration
14. Opportunities and potential are endless. Opportunity to help others -opportunity  to recognize your global responsibility. opportunity to learn to use technology ethically and responsibly.
15. What footprints are you leaving?
16. Unlike in sand the digital footprints you make and leave once made do not wash away
17. What you do online are your digital footprints that make up your digital persona – they are an extension of you.
They represent you.
You have to be aware, monitor, and filter them. You have to take care of them.
You have to take responsibility for them.
You have to be in charge of your digital self….
The social web is an amazing place that enhances and enriches our personal and professional lives.

Think about this… online you are … and you become … who you know, what you link to, what you share, what you bookmark, what comments you leave, what you blog, the pictures & videos you post, the art you create, how you express yourself, where you go…

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teaching outside the “box”

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teaching outside the “box”

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