Build it! activity feedback from modules 1 & 2

I posted these links to feedback on your course built it activities in the gradebook, but i don’t know/ am not sure that you can see them there/have seen them there, so here they are.

I encourage you to have a look at each other’s feedback. At this stage in your course development most of my feedback is applicable to any course, some is repetative, and you may find excellent suggestions to apply to your own course that may not have come up in my review of your course at this time. They are jing screencasts and each are only 5 minutes long at most.

Jane’s course info feedback –

Jenn’s course info feedback –

Jess B.’s course info feedback –

Anne’s course info feedback –

Jim’s course info feedback –

Kristina’s course info feedback –

Jess M.’s course info feedback –

Barbara’s course info feedback –

Bill’s course info feedback – Re-review or your CI docs –

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